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Managing barber’s pole worm in sheep


Barber’s pole worm can cause significant production losses when the immature L4 and adult stages are present in large numbers. It is important that your drench is effective against all worm species. When drenches with persistent activity are required, Moxidectin and Clomax may be suitable for your situation. Ask your local PGG Wrightson Technical ...

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Get rid of tapeworm this season with VETMED Triplemax iTape


PRE-WEANING DRENCHING OF LAMBS Pre-weaning drenching can protect against Nematodirus, which can cause profuse diarrhoea and death in lambs prior to weaning and has been seen historically in Southland, Otago and Canterbury. The Monezia tapeworm is another target, with both heads and segments being effectively removed by high quality praziquantal. ...

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